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Please Leave Janhvi Kapoor Alone, She Deserves To Play Gunjan Saxena

It is  not  very clear why Janhvi Kapoor is  being trolled  for   her  presence  in the forthcoming   bio-pic Gunjan Saxena The  Kargil Girl. Is it because  she is  the legendary Sridevi’s daughter and therefore, according to the  twisted  wisdom of  the trolls,  ineligible  for  acting? Would it have been  okay if her mother was  a  housewife instead of an iconic actress , father a banker instead of a producer and  mentor a nonentity instead of Karan  Johar?

For  those  trying to  shove Janhvi off the limelight for being who she is, I’ve news. Janhvi is  every bit convincing as   Gunjan Saxena  the Kargil Girl.  As  Pankaj Tripathy  her  very  powerful co-actor who plays her father says, “She has worked very  hard on  her body language, her spoken language, everything. When  audiences  will watch  her   they will  forget whose  daughter she is.”

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Filmmaker  Hansal Mehta is appalled by the viciousness  leveled at the  2-film old  semi-newcomer.  “It saddens me to see her being attacked this way. This whole nepotism debate has been turned into a mockery. A mockery of a time for introspection and understanding.”

Writer  filmmaker feels  abusing  an  actor for belonging to  a film family is unfair. “People have every right to not watch a movie, or to critique an actor’s performance. But the nasty name calling, the call to ban and boycott, the dissing of Janhvi’s performance even before they have seen the film, this is not fair.”

   Apurva sees  the same  bullying tactics being applied to Janhvi as Sushant Singh Rajput. “I was among the few from the industry that spoke up against how Sushant was bullied in the press leading to his death, and it is sad to see Jahnvi now being bullied like that. Insider & outsider are only terms at the end of the day. What they are doing with their misplaced anger is breaking a human spirit. I urge them to practice compassion.”


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