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Pooja Bedi On Using the Lockdown Productively



Pooja Bedi On Using the Lockdown Productively 13

Actor activist media influencer  Pooja Bedi has not allowed a single  moment  of the  lockdown to go to waste.

Says  Ms Bedi, “I’ve used the lockdown for clearing massive backlogs and getting my health and wellness e-commerce venture Happy Soul launched. It’s been an incredibly productive time. My entire team has worked from their homes as well. Its been 12 to 14 hour focused work days for me.”

She feels far  more rejuvenated  after these last two months than she did earlier. “ I’ve definitely got much needed rest and feeling fresher. My weight has stayed constant.But I miss the outdoors and exercise.”

Pooja has also been spending time with her children  Omar  and  Alaya  who made her Bollywood debut last year. “Time with kids has also been super-fun and meaningful. I really wish people use this lockdown to enhance their lives.”

It’s not  as  if Pooja is  recommending a  lockdown mantra  for meaningful living. “This doesn’t mean its a productivity contest. Whether it’s strengthening relationships, reading to open their minds, or simply dreaming and creating a vision-board for their future…there’s immense power in  positivity, human connection and manifestation techniques. Where attention goes, energy flows and what you vibrate at is what you attract. This “time out” can be an incredible energetically transformation phase for everyone if they focus continuously on what’s positive and what they want to see manifest, rather than focus on the negatives and what they don’t want.”

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