Pooja Bhatt To Make A Documentary On Her Father

Pooja Bhatt is all set to put her  father’s adventurous life on film. She is working on the project and says, “It is an idea that has lived with me for as long as I can remember. Now is the time to get it going.”

Pooja was seen sharing television space with her father and stepsister Alia Bhatt in an intimate warm and revealing conversation with Karan Thapar on the channel CNN-IBN on Monday night.

“Our dysfunctional family is far more functional than many normal families that I’ve seen,” said  the irrepressiblePooja Bhatt to  host Karan Thapar .

Watching the trio together was like watching a slice of history from Indian cinema .Think about it. Mahesh Bhatt is old enough to be Alia Bhatt’s grandfather. His elder daughter Pooja Bhatt is old enough  to  be Alia’s mother. They are sisters from different mothers, and yet their unpretentious kinship was evident for all to see.

Pooja played Alia’s big-sister on the show without trying. This was a family that has remained a family in spite of being  biologically splintered. Somehow the burden of conventionality has dissolved , imbuing a bohemian bonhomie to the relationships that crisscross across generations of the Bhatt family.

Pooja revealed she was friends with Alia’s mother Soni Razdan who once confessed to her husband’s eldest born that she felt guilty for breaking up Mahesh’s first marriage.Pooja had assured Soni that her dad’s first marriage had already fallen apart before Soni came into the picture.

Apparently Pooja’s mom Kiran Bhatt dotes on her husband’s daughter Alia from his second marriage and collects a scrapbook of Alia’s achievements as an actress.

The Bhatts in conversation with Karan Thapar was a treat. But  we missed Pooja’s brother Rahul at the get-together. Why distance the son from the warm family fold? He deserves to savour the warm comfort of his sisters’ company.


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