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Pope Remark Lands Hrithik In Legal Soup

It looks like the troubles in Hrithik Roshan’s life,legal or otherwise, are far from over.The latest is that a legal notice has been sent by the President of the Indian Christian Voice, which claims to represent the Christian community, to Hrithik for his sarcastic Tweet saying he is more likely to have an affair with the Pope than an actress from the film industry .

The legal notice demands a written apology from the beleaguered superstar whose personal and professional life has lately come under a dark shadow.

A close friend of the Roshans says Hrithik would be most happy to tender the required apology. “Duggu is not the kind to cause any offence to anyone. He will most certainly ensure his fans are not hurt.”

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The friend describes Hrithik’s Tweet as “foolish”.

“He normally doesn’t react impulsively.He thinks before acting. But this time his urge to get even with the lady(Kangana Ranaut) seems to have gotten the better of his judgement.The ‘Pope’ remark was most uncalled-for,” says the friend.

Apparently Hrithik has been advised my parents, close friends and legal team to lie low. “Lie really low. Because things are not going well right now.”

Apparently a patch-up with Kangana Ranaut is on the cards.


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