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Post Drive, Netflix To Do A Quality Check



Post Drive, Netflix To Do A Quality Check

 It won’t be that easy for Karan Johar’s Dharma  Productions   to  offload any and everything  on the OTT platform  any longer.

After the vicious flak Netflix has faced  for  premiere-streaming  Karan Johar’s Drive , there is reliable talk  of stricter quality control on  the  content  to be  bought  by  Netflix for the Indian market.

 “Just because you are a  popular filmmaker(read: Karan Johar) you can’t  be trusted to provide  quality content. Netflix and Amazon have  international standards  to maintain,” says the source.

Apparently  Netflix  included  Drive in the package deal with Karan Johar  “in good faith”

“They  never expected they’d be letdown like this.From now  on  the rules will  change. Big names  won’t be let through the checkpost without  being frisked,” says the source.

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