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Post-Kalank Karan Johar Shelves Drive?



It’s  become a bit of a joke at Dharma Productions . Drive which was  meant to be released  a year  ago has missed at  least four release  dates so far, the latest release date  to be  knocked down  being  June  28.

According to  a  report  in  a tabloid the film is  not ready yet since the  action scenes are  taking  longer than  expected.

 But the  problem, according to  insiders, runs much deeper.

  “Drive has  just not shaped up well, it’s as simple as that. Karan Johar being a kindhearted  producer  didn’t want   the film to be  announced as  ‘shelved’ as this  would damage  director Tarun Mansukhani’s career,” says a source  in  the  know.

 Manusukhani,it may be recalled,  directed the successful Dostana for  Karan  Johar’s Dharma Productions in 2008. Thereafter plans  to make  the sequel  to Dostana was  announced and  scrapped  at least three times, as  Karan  was  not  happy with Mansukhani’s script.

 The  shooting for Drive a remake  of  the  2011 American film of  the same name, was  started  nearly 3 years  ago. The  film was  completed. But the end-product did  not meet up with the  quality standards  of Dharma  Production.

For  more than a year ,Karan  Johar has been struggling  to   give  a presentable shape  to this organically  damaged  product.

Says  the  source, “It was  meant to be Bollywood’s  own  Fast  & Furious  with never-before car chases and a  road  frenzy  that would  give Indian audiences a new high. Sadly  there’s nothing ‘Fast’ about  the  way the project has  developed, although Karan Johar is certainly ‘Furious’ at the end –product.”

  Sources say  Drive may  end up  being shelved or shown on the streaming platform.

“Rest assured it won’t make  it into the  theatres. After  Kalank and  Student  Of The Year 2 Karan  Johar can’t  risk another potential  debacle,” says the  source.

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