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Post Nihalani,Film Gets Away With Nipple Shot​

If you have a potentially controversial film with a questionable quotient of sex and violence  in your film recipe, this is the right time to get a censor certificate.

Chances  are,   you can get away with murder..And  much more.

Apparently the brief to the censor board from the I & B Ministry is to certify and not censor anything for as long as hard policy-decisions are not taken in the presence  of the new CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi.

One of the big beneficiaries  of this post-liberalization  phase at the CBFC is film called Umeed Directed by one Rajat S Mukherjee, this political drama about drug tests performed on children apparently contains several graphic scenes and profane language and  a shot of model on the ramp exposing her nipples under a  bikini top.

Says a  source from the  CBFC, “We’ve cut only a shot showing a picture of Mrs Indira Gandhi.We are  not allowed to cut anything at the moment for fear  of being answerable to the I &B the high command. The brief from the  top is to let everything go. If a film is  certified ‘A’ it can get away with anything. Those kinds  of films that  were earlier getting ‘UA’ certificates are now getting ‘U’ certificates.”


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