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Post The Padma Protests Shabana Azmi Asks  For Boycott Of IFFI



Never one  to mince words, Shabana Azmi  is vocal about her distaste  for  the baseless Padmavati protests.

She feels it’s  time for  the  film industry to take  a collective stand against the ugly controversies and protests surrounding the  release  of Padmavati.

Says Shabana, “The entire film industry should boycott the IFFI next month in  Goa in protest against the threats issued to Padmavati, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and DeepikaPadukone. If  Smriti Irani is preparing for  such an impressive turn-out at  IFFI this year, that is possible only because the Indian Film Industry brings such acclaim to it . But  the film industry keeps quiet about Padmavati! This is exactly like HKL Bhagat and Congress celebrating IFFI in Delhi after the murder of Safdar Hashmi.”

Shabana wonders  why so little action  has been taken against  the perpetrators  of violence against  the Padmavati team. “The CM of Rajasthan is sitting pretty. The first FIR lodged is under the Arms Act because  there was open firing.Beyond that no action is  taken against the criminals threatening naked violence .”

She also cannot get  over the irony of the UP  government asking for the postponement of  the release  of Padmavati. “The UP govt is  asking for a delay in Padmavati’s release as they foresee a  law and order problem! But the first vow  the CM took was to firmly clear the State of its criminal elements.Aur film ki release hone pey ghutne tek diye?!!.”

   Shabana  also lashes  out at the censor  board for delaying  the  certification  of Padmavati. “The  CBFC sends the film back because some paperwork is  not complete!!! Only after 63 days will the film be screened for CBFC when Gujarat election is over and done with!!Are we fools to not see through  the design of fomenting unrest and polarizing votes?”

The formidable actress-activist doesn’t hide her resentment at what she sees as a victimization  of  the entertainment  industry  for political  purposes. “I am very angry .Film Industry needs to take a strong unified action and refuse to be sitting ducks anymore. If such threats had been made against any member of the political  class would the reaction have been the same? Are  the people in the film industry not equal citizens of this country?”

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