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Prabhas Has Mastered The Art Of Qurantine, Here’s How

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Prabhas  was  in  self-imposed  quarantine ever since he  cut short his shooting  in the USA  and returned to Hyderabad. According to  sources close to Prabhas  the  period  of isolation has now ended and Prabhas has begun  to meet  a few  family members  and friends.

Prabhas is currently  off-press as he  doesn’t believe  in  talking to  the  media when he  doesn’t promote  a  film.

I spoke  to one  of Prabhas’s close friends who met him after his quarantine  period. The friend says Prabhas was not the  least  perturbed  by  the isolation.

Why  is that?

“Well, Prabhas says he had ample  practice for staying locked-down during the making of Baahubali. The entire period of making Baahubali and its sequel took five years—both  the instalments  were  shot simultaneously—and there were prolonged periods  of no-shooting during Baahubali when Prabhas simply stayed home and did exactly what he is doing now. Sleeping, sleeping  and more sleeping,” says the friend.

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It is to be  noted that Prabhas  did not sign any  other  film until Baahubali was  complete, so whenever the shooting was interrupted he had no work on hand. He  could have made  a fortune  signing  other films. But he  chose  to remain  aligned to just Rajamouli’s vision even at the cost of losing  good money.He was paid a pittance for Baahubali.

When Prabhas  isn’t shooting he is only sleeping. He  doesn’t like  to party and  he has very few friends.Coming  back to the current  quarantine, Prabhas began doing one thing that he never did earlier.

Says  the friend, “He has been  video-conferencing his  close  family members and a few  close friends like Anushka Shetty and  Rajamouli.”


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