Prabhas To Learn Hindi From Shraddha While She Learns Telugu From Him


Baahubali star Prabhas is brushing  up on his Hindi for the Hindi version of his Telugu film Saaho. According to a source from the film’s core crew Prabhas has  cut a  deal with his co-star Shradha Kapoor.

She will help him with his Hindi for the Hindi version of Saaho. He will help her with her Telugu for the Telugu version.

Says  the source, “It isn’t as though there won’t be an official language coach on  the sets.There will be. Both Prabhas and Shradha  will have a professional tutor to help them with their language. But  Prabhas and Shradhawill converse with each  other in Hindi or Telugu depending on which language they are shooting in. It is a pact between them.”

While Prabhas’ Hindi is expected to be retained  in the Hindi version of Saaho Shradha’s Telugu will eventually have  to be dubbed by  a professional dubbing artiste.

“Audiences in Andhra and Telanga are very particular  about the diction in the spoken Telugu,” explains a source from the crew.

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