Prabhas To Skip Karan Johar’s Big Baahubali Bash

India’s biggest superstar  of the moment is Prabhas and he is nowhere to be found . Prabhastook off for a holiday in the US a day after Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion was released.

“It had been decided Prabhas would leave immediately after Baahubali released.And he did. He will now return only in  time to start his next film,” says a source from the Baahubaliteam, adding that the “post-release pressure” had taken a toll on Prabhas, so much so that he will skip  the big bash that Karan Johar and producer Shobu Yarlagadda plan to co-host this month.

Says a source, “Karan Johar wants to  wait  for Prabhas to return to India before hosting theBaahubali bash. But it’s unlikely the Prabhas will join the party. He is not the socializing  kind at all. He doesn’t drink and he can barely exchange hellos with strangers.”

Prabhas  also missed the screening of Baahubali 2 in London earlier this week by the British Film Institute . It was attended by Rajamouli, producer Shobu Yarlagadda and actressAnushka Shetty.

“Prabhas was sorely missed in London,” said a source.

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