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Prabhas Wants To Avoid Media



Telugu superstar Prabhas,  like Tamil cinema’s Rajinikant, Ajith and  Vijay, is  not happy with  doing  media interaction to promote   his film. Given a  choice Prabhas would  rather let his work speak for him. But here’s the  thing. He has  no choice with Saaho.

It  was very clear from the moment he  landed in Mumbai  that Prabhas was  not very comfortable  with his  media interactions.When the  Saaho trailer was released, Prabhas  could be seen mumbling to his team members  nervously.

A source  close to  Prabhas says, “He  doesn’t enjoy giving press interviews. In fact like two other Southern superstars Ajith and Vijay, Prabhas is seriously thinking  of  a no-interview policy.”

 This  embargo  would have  to wait till after Saaho.

Says a  source close to the Saaho  project, “Prabhas has no choice but to  interact with  the  media until the release  of Saaho. Too much is at stake. The film is releasing in four  Indian languages,Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada and would eventually be released  in  non-Indian languages as well. Prabhas is  the  face of Saaho. He cannot afford to act reclusive.”

Incidentally two   of  the most reclusive stars of Hollywood Bradd Pitt and Leonardo diCaprio have been seen  everywhere  promoting their new film Once Upon ATime In Hollywood. Prabhas  would just have to grin and bear  it.

 Learning a few words  in Hindi wouldn’t be  a bad idea.He wouldn’t have to look blank as he did when a mediaperson  in Mumbai asked him to say a few words in Hindi.

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