Prabhudheva ,“Mercury Is The Best Acting Role Of My Career”

If you are wondering where  the  multifaceted  Prabhudheva is, he is currently putting finishing touches to his latest role as  an actor .

Says Prabhu excitedly, “Mercury is my most challenging role to date. The teaser was released this week and we got an amazing response. Audiences have never seen  me like this  before.”

Prabhu is seen bloodied and  savage scaring the  hell  out of a  bunch of youngsters.

Laughs  the  actor, “It is  definitely a  change  of image  for me  as  an actor.To be very honest, I’ve always  been  a reluctant actor. I’ve never really enjoyed being in front of the camera. Friends  like Remo d’Souza  and Rajiv Menon have requested  me to act and I’ve just  done what they asked me to in their films.This is  the  first time I’ve taken  such a keen  interest  in  a film where I am acting.”

Super-excited to be  in India’s first silent film—Kamal Haasan’s Pushpak which has so  far been given that  honour did have one spoken line—Prabhu says, “Since there  is no spoken dialogue the  film is being  released in every language from Tamil and Telugu to Chinese and Japanese. Part of  the advantage  of doing away with the spoken words is you can reach out to any part of the world.”

Being a  choreographer and dancer helped Prabhu express his character’s emotions without words. Is  he  a villain in Mercury?

“That  you will  have to see to know.  There are no  clear-cut villains and heroes in real life, and by extension in  the movies either,” says Prabhu.

Prabhu who has been focusing on  acting for  two years now will now return to direction with Dabangg 3.

“Like I said I’ve never been an actor by choice. I am a  choreographer and filmmaker. But I am not saying no  to a good role. If someone offers me a chance to play Bill Gates or Kailash Satyarthi I’d jump at  it,” says Prabhu.

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