Prabhudheva Plays Villain For the First Time In A Silent Film, And He’s Thrilled

Prabhudheva is excited about his new acting challenge. In a new Tamil film Mercury Prabhu gets to play the villain for the first time.

“It’s all new to me,” Prabhu laughs. “I’ve never played a Bad Man before. It is very strange to enter a world so twisted and negative. But it’s also fun. Because acting is all about doing things that you can’t do in real life.”

Prabhu says he is thoroughly enjoying his tryst with evil. “It’s like going into a completely new zone.What adds to my excitement is the fact that Mercury is a silent film. There is no spoken word in the film at all. And no one is going to miss the dialogues in the film. The words are just not important.”

Since the film has no dialogues the “Tamil”film will be happily shown to Hindi audiences as a Bollywood film.


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