Prabhudheva Remembers Inder Kumar

“At first when I heard that Inder Kumar is no more, very honestly I couldn’t remember who he was.Then my Wanted writer reminded that me that Inder had played an important part in the film.And I was like , ‘Oh Inder!’ Of course I remember him . Wanted was such a long time  ago.

But I still remember Inder,  so disciplined, good-looking and with that terrific physique….It had to be  like that ,no? Inder came into Wanted on Salman Khan’s recommendation.

It was  a terrific role of Salman’s friend and we all know what shape Salman is in. Inder had  to look fighting-fit to match up to Salman.

I remember how Salman would make  sure that Inder would work out. Salman has an effect on all his friends.And I think they made terrific buddies on screen…After Wanted I was not in touch with  Inder at all.

I had no idea where he was and what was happening with his life. But I do remember Inder was very committed to his  role in Wanted. He  would come to the sets on time and do his work really well. In fact I wanted to work with him again.

But got no chance.Now suddenly I heard he is gone. What kind of stress could have caused him a cardiac arrest at such a young age? The entertainment industry is scary. When it favours you, it gives you everything. When it doesn’t favour you,  it takes away  everything.I feel sorry for his going so suddenly. I should have tried to give him work.”


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