Prasoon Joshi Gets Liberal, Restores 12 Cuts In Horror Film It Including The Unconditionally Taboo ‘Motherf…r’

It seems gore and profanity are no  longer taboo  at the Indian censor board. On Tuesday the  CBFC’s new chairperson Prasoon Joshi shocked many, surprised some when he upturned  the Examining Committee(EC)’s  decision to come down heavily on Andres Muschietti’s adaptation  of  Stephen King’s shiver giver IT.

In a historic decision all the 12 cuts including several taboo profanities were restored and  IT has been given an all-clear without cuts and an ‘A’ certificate

Says a  source, “The EC had cut bloody visuals  of horror and many  profanities including ‘f..’, ‘pussy’ and ‘cocks..r’. Most shocking of all , the profanity ‘motherf….r’  which is strictly  forbidden as it blasphemes the mother, has also been restored.”

Apparently the obscene  abuse about copulating with the mother  has never been allowed in any Hollywood film.

The  source says the censor board has ‘clear’ instruction. “Certify all movies with no  cuts. And  for suitable ages. If a film gets an ‘A’ certificate there will be no visual or  verbal cuts.”

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