Prasoon Joshi On The CBFC Objections To Kashmir References In Mission Impossible

While ‘Kashmir’ never came on the map of Mission Impossible Fallout and action scenes pertaining to the Kashmir Valley were shot in New Zealand and Norway, some politically incorrect references to Kashmir did pop up in the film, compelling the CBFC to put its foot down.

Speaking on the shockingly ill-informed Kashmir references in Mission Impossible Fallout the CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi says, “The map of India shown in the film misrepresented the boundaries of Jammu & Kashmir. We at the CBFC advised the applicants for Mission Impossible Fallout to either rectify or remove the map.”

Apparently, the film’s team decided to do away with the Kashmir references completely, so that technically the film has nothing to do with Kashmir.

Shockingly the film had also referred to Kashmir in the film as “India-controlled Kashmir”

Says Prasoon Joshi, “We asked then to correct this and mention Kashmir as ‘the Indian State Of Jammu & Kashmir’. The integrity and sanctity of our nation’s boundaries cannot and must not be compromised on for the sake of cinematic entertainment.”

Rather than make the changes the makers of Mission Kashmir Fallout preferred to do away with the Kashmir references altogether.

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