Prateik Babbar: Closer To His Father Than Ever Before

After years of hostility—he had even dropped the ‘Babbar’ from his name—Prateik has finally come to terms with the paternal side of his lineage.

For years he resented the fact that his mother the late Smita Patil was not accorded a proper place by his father Raj Babbar.

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But now after his beloved gradmother’s death Prateik has gravitated  towards his father and his father’s other family. The young actor who is currently preparing for a second innings in Bollywood , is even seen in public with the Babbar family.

Says Prateik, “I feel very close to my Dad and his family now.I think I’ve grown up and want to accept and respect the people who matter matter in my life. I now realize that my Dad’s family is as much my family as  my mom’s family.”

Ever since Prateik lost his Naani, his mother Smita Patil’s mother he has been feeling bereft and lonely.

Says Prateik, “I suppose I needed time to understand the complexities of my family life and then accept them for what they are.I’ve never felt  more calm from inside me.”

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