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Prateik Babbar On Life After Marriage Skyfire & Rajinikanth



You never know where  Prateik Babbar is going with his  career. Just the  other  month we saw  him  playing a  young militant in Anubhav Sinha’s Mulk. Prateik is now being seen playing the  lead impressively in the webseries Skyfire, a slick futuristic  drama  from Zee5  where Prateik just  drops  all defences to  have  fun with his  role.

Says  Prateik, “We shot  the whole series in  just a couple of months without compromising  on quality.And now the praise I am getting for  my performance  and for the series makes me feel I am  finally getting there.Marriage has been  lucky for me, I guess.”

Barely  out of  shooting  Skyfire, Prateik is already  shooting another webseries.

“It’s called  Virkar & The Anti-Social Network. It’s  an adaptation  of  Piyush Jha’s novel .And for once I  play a cop. I am not part  of  the  anti-social  network,” he jokes  about all the negative roles which  have been thurst on him  of  late like Baaghi 2, Mulk and now the big Tamil film Darbar where Prateik shares screen space with the  mighty Rajinikant.

“I am  so honoured to be  in the same  frame as  him.  I’d have played anything they asked me just to be  seen  with Rajini Sir. Luckily  for me I’ve a  good role. It is again an anti-social’s role   of  a druggie and a criminal,” says Prateik.

Speaking  of  drugs, Prateik has completely  cleaned out his act. “It is my wife (Sanya Sagar). She is  such a  positive influence on me. I have stopped all negativity in  my life.  Now there is  only love.”

Prateik says he met  his  future wife  a decade back. “We  connected socially. From an acquaintance she became a  friend. Then she went away for some years. After that we got really close and decided  to  get married. Marriage is the best thing to have happened to me. It feels wonderful to  again have someone to go back home  to—I lost  my beloved Naani(gradmother)  some time  back, But we literally get to see each other  only in the night. She  is busy with her work. I am shooting round-the-clock. I dreamt  of this day when I’d be too busy for diversions. Now it’s  really happened.”

Prateik’s better-half  is  planning to turn  filmmaker soon. “She has her  script ready and she will direct  it herself. Would she cast me? I  hope she does!  In fact I’m praying that she does. I am willing to  go on the casting couch for her film.But knowing her she will only cast me  if I’m suitable.”

So when do we  get to see Prateik and Sanya  become  parents?

“Inshallah, soon. We are working on it,” is Prateik’s parting shot.

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