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Pratyusha Asked Her Designer Friend To Design Her Wedding Outfit



April 1, the day Pratyusha Banerjee died, was meant to be the day when Pratyusha had an appointment with her designer to try on her bridal outfit.

Revealing details designer Rohit Varma says, “Yes, we had fixed April 1 as the date  to meet over her bridaloutfit. I was in London when she told me to do her wedding outfit. We spoke on whatsap.She did not give me any details.We had a very brief conversation. She said, ‘Come back, we shall meet.’ It never happened.”

Rahul  Raj  Singh who is alleged to have driven 24-year old Pratyusha Banerjee to humiliation and self-destruction and who has allegedly conned many other women, languishes in a hospital after complaining of….don’t laugh…chest pain.

Heartache, perhaps?

pratyusha banerjee

Politicians are known to play this trick each time they are nabbed in a  ghotala… chest pain to avoid imprisonment.

Says Rohit, “He should be jailed for what he has done. When I spoke to her she sounded very normal to me. I don’t know Rahul. But I heard many bad things from people.”

Vindoo Dara Singh who was the last to work with Pratyusha on Power Couple opines, “She picked a fraud as her boyfriend. You have to see the first episode of  Power Couple to understand how Rahul Raj Singh’s mind works.”

Vindoo sadly witnessed the change in Pratyusha. “I saw her change within one year from a smiling  bubbly girl to a lost soul.I was not close to her. But I could see she was not happy.”

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