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Pratyusha Banerjee Was Killed, Says Good Friend Ajaz Khan



 Actor and reality-show contestant Ajaz Khan who spent time with Pratyusha Banerjee in Bigg Boss and was her close friend(a fact that Pratyusha had mentioned to me once after she came out of Bigg Boss) is as stunned by her death as everyone who heard of the tragedy on Friday.

“I still can’t believe she is gone so suddenly, and so soon. She had so much too look forward to,” says Ajaz who met the Ballika Badhu actress a few days before her death. “I met her four days ago.And I can tell you this much .She was not happy.”

Ajaz eliminates the suicide theory. “I am sure it’s not suicide.It seems like a planned murder. She was a strong girl. I know her well.I spent one-and-a-half months with her in Bigg Boss. As long as she was there in Bigg Bossshe gave me strength.

Was it because her career was not doing well?

Ajaz doesn’t think so. “No no. Her career was doing well and she was working on her new show.”

Apparently her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh got to be on Power Couple with Pratyusha Banerjee. But otherwise he was not doing much with his career. According to the 25-year old  actresses’ friends the couple was constantly fighting .

Says Ajaz, “I really don’t know what the truth  about her death is. But I don’t think she would kill herself. Rahul used to fight a lot  with her.All of us her friends knew this. We also know she cannot do this to herself. There is something very wrong about this for sure.Rahul should be here now to answer for her.Where is he? ”

Ajaz says Pratyusha’s story of heartbreak is not an isolated  one. “Over here half the young women in the entertainment industry are in  depression. Many get into shady activities to sustain their lifestyle. Others get into depressing relationships  which end in tragedy. Bollywood  and the entertainment industry are becoming destructive zones for young girls.”

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