Pratyusha’s Boyfriend Sends Legal Notice To Kamya Punjabi

Rahul Raj Singh , on Tuesday afternoon, consulted his lawyers and sent Kamya Malhotra a lengthy legal notice

​(copy sent to this writer) ​

restraining her from  showing the alleged last film that she shot with Pratyusha Bannerjee which Punjabi intends to show on Pratyusha’s first death anniversary on April 1.

​Rahul has also filed  a police complaint  against Kamya alleging​ that the film uses old footage of Pratyusha and portrays  him in a   bad way.

Says the angry bereaved boyfriend. “I’ve sent legal notices to MsKamya Punjabi and the producer of this alleged film featuringPratyusha. I strongly believe this is a hoax, probably some footage shot 2-3 years ago being recycled. Kuch toh sharm karo(have some shame). Pratyusha is no more. This is how you honour her memory by rustling up some obsolete footage which Pratyusha never meant to be made public? I will make sure the film is legally stopped from screening. I’ve also approached the cybercrime cell.This has to stop.”

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