Preity Zinta Creates a MeToo Storm With Her Outrageous Comments(Again!)

Some comments made by  actress Preity Zinta on the current campaign against sexual harassment has raised eyebrows and set tongues wagging  about the actress’ lack of sensitivity towards the  MeToo movement.

Apparently in a video interview  on a leading entertainment portal Bollywood Hungama to promote her new starrer Bhaiaji Superhit ,Preity was asked about her opinion  on the MeToo movement .

And she  said, “I Do Feel Bad When Women Use It When It’s Not That Serious or for Personal Vendetta or for Publicity… I wish I had(a  MeToo experience) …so I’d have an answer to tell you…. Aaj Ki Sweetu, Kal Ki Me Too Ho Sakti Hai!”

 Having made flippant remarks on an issue as  sensitive as women’s safety, Preity has now tweeted blaming the interviewer  for twisting her words.How this can be done in a video interview is hard  to  fathom.

Director Neeraj Pathak who was  with Zinta at the interview concurs her opinion. “She gave appropriate  answers. But her words were twisted.She spoke  very sensibly on  the issue. Her answers were balanced. But that’s not how they come across  in the interview.”

A  source from Bollywood Hungama affirms that the answers were  not tampered with at all.  “The  video interview was not doctored.”

Perhaps Preity Zinta needs to filter her thought processes  carefully before putting words  out in the public domain. We are living in dangerous times. Every word uttered counts.

This is  not the first time that  Preity Zinta has said more than she  should have. As  co-owner of the Indian Premier League cricket team Kings XI Punjab since 2008, and the owner of the South-African T20 Global League cricket team StellenboschKings since 2017, she has on several occasions made comments which she had  to eat back later.

Very recently Zinta said there were no problems with cricketer Sehwag  when in fact he has  quit his association with Zinta’s  team.

Strangely  she  tells the  interviewer on Bollywood Hungama that she has never had a MeToo experience and  even jokes  about it, when  in fact  in 2014 Zinta  filed a harassment case against Ness Wadia.

Trivializing the MeToo movement  is  not  peculiar to Zinta. The very distinguished  Malayalam  actor  Mohanlal is seen in a video interview  given to Gulf News giggling over how men should also start  a MeToo movement.

Maybe Mohanlal and  Preity Zinta should join hands to produce satires on sexual harassment.

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