Preity Zinta’s 35-Year Old Driver Dies Suddenly, Preity To Take Care Of His Family


On Friday when Preity Zinta was in Mumbai for  the release  of her new film Bhaiaji Superhit she lost her chauffeur Ganesh suddenly .

Close to Preity for ten years, Ganesh’s death is an irreparable loss for the  actress-entrepreneur.She has  now decided to look after his family, and that includes the woman Ganesh was  to marry in  just a month.

 Says  the  heartbroken Preity ,  “Would you believe it? He was  to get married  in a month’s time! How can fate be so callous? I was anyway taking care of him as he was the most well mannered, nicest and trustworthy guy. I am shattered as he was only 34 years old and died of a massive heart attack.Is that any  age to die?”

In the past few years when Preity is straddling two continents she has come to depend on a sturdy and reliable team at home.

“I am out of  the  country half  of the year. I  need a strong supportive dependable team in India. Ganesh was one  of them. I will miss him  sorely,” says Preity.

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