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Some Privacy For Karan Johar’s Twins?



Everyone who is close to Karan Johar wants to see his newly-born twins Roohi and Yash. Laden with gifts and a whole lot of goodwill they march to his home with unbridled enthusiasm.

As  one of Karan’s friends puts it, “Have you seen Karan’s twins , has become as big an issue as, why didKatappa kill Baahubali?”

But it’s all becoming a bit too overwhelming  for the new father and his somewhat bewildered children.Not to mention his mother.

Says a  very close friend  of Karan, “The never-ending flow of guests is becoming a bit tiring for Karan and specially for Hiroo Aunty, his 77-year old mother. They have two nurses each  for the twins, so looking after the babies is not a problem. But looking after the rapid flow of guests is a a problem.Everyone wants to see them andKaran can’t stop them.”

We  hear Karan plans to whisk his twins and mom for a long vacation as soon as the  twin can travel.

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