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Priyadarshan’s Hungama 2 Desperately Needs Closure



 Hungama 2  , the sequel to  the  2003’s Hungama,  was all set to arrive 17 years  later. But it looks the Corona  may upturn  all 2020  release plans, unless  Priyadarshan  decides  to take the digital domain.

But even with an OTT release  there’s a major problem.

Says a  source, “There is a  final schedule waiting to be  finished. Getting all the actors  of the vast cast to  agree to resume shooting is proving problematic. While  the film’s young male lead Mezaan Jaffrey is willing to venture out,  Shilpa Shetty who has two  little children at home won’t be willing to take  the  risk.”

 In  the meanwhile  the child actors  of the film are growing up,and  there will be  a continuity  problem.

Director  Priyadarshan  feels it isn’t correct to crib about the cancellation. “We are  going through the worst  health crisis ever. Every person  every organization is suffering heavy losses. To whine and moan   about my losses at a time like this would be stupid.”

Luckily  all the  problems have been sorted and  the  Hungama 2  flew off to Manali  on Sunday for the last schedule  .
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