Priyanka Chopra Bad-Girl Act Was Originally To Be Played By A Man!

Now it can be told. Priyanka Chopra’s  role of the antagonist in  Baywatch was originally meant to be played by a  man.

Priyanka fell in love with the part and persuaded Baywatch lead Dwayne Johnson to let her play the villain.

Revealing details a source says, “Only a Priyanka Chopra can  do something so sassy. Dwayne actually offered  her the romantic lead opposite himself. But Priyanka didn’t find that  a turn-on. She told Dwayne she had been doing the lovey-dovey stuff in scores of Bollywood  films. She then revealed to Dwayne how she started her career  as a man-eating nymphomaniac in Aetraaz. Dwayne was impressed and accepted her challenge to let her play the villain.”

Not just that, the film’s producers Paramount Pictures have decided to bring out a solo poster featuring Priyanka’s negative character.

Says the source, “Priyanka takes on Dwayne in the film, kicks butt and indulges in heavyduty fights with him.”

For an actor of Asian origin to exercise the power to actually have the role changed to accommodate her is no small matter. In the past Angelia Jolie has replaced Tom Cruise in Salt, and nearer home Sonakshi Sinha is playing a part originally played by a male actor in the South Indian film in Akira.

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