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Priyanka Chopra Gets It Right Again On The View

On the very popular American morning show The  View, Priyanka Chopra came on as a special hostess along with the other hard-nosed extremely eloquent and on-the-ball sistah journalists.

And Priyanka rocked it. Lately she has been owning the top-rated American chat shows as though a  pro. Which she is  now.Incidentally on one of her numerous talk-show appearances recently Priyanka referred to herself as a “Bro”. Well really, I prefer to perceive Priyanka as a ‘pro’

On The View she very clearly and cleverly steered conversation away from Trump digs and jokes. She told the other ladies co-anchoring with  her that she was in the US  on a visa, so….She also set a new example by referring to herself as a “public person” . In India celebrities ,semi-celebrities and even selfproclaimed self-styled celebrities refer to themselves as “celebrities” while talking about themselves.

It is embarassing. Priyanka got it right.

She also did a segment  with Dev Patel speaking on how much he tried to shun his Indian background  just so he could feel a sense of belonging in London, and how he discovered the joys of belonging to India when he visited ‘Mumbai’ at age 17 .

Priyanka fully agreed with Dev, saying Mumbai is a city that does that to you.

Here were two of the most celebrated Indian faces in Hollywood today getting together to celebrate theirIndianness on an American chat show. This was a golden moment  worthy of a standing ovation.

In a  country where we get into scuffles over standing up for our national anthem, Priyanka and Dev Patel proved how Indian one can be without getting into flag-waving rhetorics.

Being Indian is a state of mind and the heart. It doesn’t matter where you are. You carry India with you. That’s what Chopra and Patel told the world on The View this week. Great going, guys.


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