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Priyanka Chopra; “I Go To India To Work During Weekends”



A casual line from our own sexy globetrotter Priyanka Chopra has Indian producers worried to debt.And I do mean debt.

Because  if Priyanka Chopra meant what she said to American chat-show hostess Chelsea Handler, then she is easing herself out of Bollywood in her bid to ensconce herself in the American entertainment industry.

During the conversation with Ms Handler, Priyanka said, “I decided to go back to India to finish my work on weekends.”

And that too because she’s getting weekends off from Quantico.

“In India we have no concept of weekends,” she declared with a giggle.

While the work culture and job ethics of the Indian working-class are open to debate, the more immediate conclusion to be drawn from Priyanka’s statement on American television is that she’s so done with Bollywood .

Back home, Priyanka has been turning down assignments , though not in huge numbers. As the offers are , to put it politely, manageable.

A  prominent filmmaker who offered her a chance to play a very colourful and memorable biographical figure says, “I hear she’s turning down projects in India to focus on her career in the US. Which is  fine.  Now she declares on American television that she returns to India only on weekends to  complete her work , and that too because she gets time  off from her American series. Since she really doesn’t have any films to complete in India I suggest she concentrate on consolidating her career in America.We’ll manage without her somehow.”

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