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Priyanka Chopra Is Promoting Bharat…Here’s How



Salman Khan who is currently promoting Bharat with Katrina Kaif must thank Priyanka Chopra for helping to promote his big Eid release.

Though she is not physically present at the promotions , Priyanka is being mentioned by Salman repeatedly at every promotional event for having turned down the offer to work as the leading lady in Bharat.

And the one bearing the brunt of Salman’s sharp digs, is Katrina Kaif who feels Priyanka is being unnecessarily dragged into her(Katrina’s) picture.

A source close to the Bharat team says, “This is a straight case of one actress’ thunder being stolen by another.Katrina has on more than one occasion tried to stop Salman from referring to Priyanka at the Bharat events. But do you think he listens to anybody? If you tell him not to do some thing he will do exactly that over and over again.”

Ironically Salman has said on more than one occasion that he is exceedingly keen to see Katrina get her dues.And yet he’s repeatedly diverting attention from her repeatedly by reminding people of Priyanka Chopra.

Salman’s latest dig at Priyanka is, “Over Bharat she chose US in the ‘Nick’ of time.”

The line sounds scripted.And if the Bharat marketing team has advised Salman to harp on the missing Chopra factor(it’s like the Sholay team talking about Shatrughan Sinha who turned down Gabbar’s role) then they are doing the film and the film’s leading lady a great disservice.

This is the first time that an absentee heroine is making more of a splash at film’s promotion than the heroine present on the scene.

The question is, why must Salman come across as being such a grudge-holder? Agreed Priyanka ditched his film Bharat at the last minute. But she had her reasons.Instead of trying to understand that she chose to leave such a big project for am even bigger project (her wedding) Salman is unknowingly stealing away Katrina’s thunder .

According to sources Katrina is not the least pleased with this ongoing gag at the Bharat promotions. Apparently she has asked Salman to stop. But will he?

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