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Priyanka Chopra Rocks It On American Television, Deepika With Her Lungi Dances Is A Disaster

As far as Deepika Padukone’s Hollywood debut is concered she undoubtedly lags far behind Priyanka Chopra. Deepika’s appearances on popular American television shows to promote XXX : The Return Of Xander Cage have been a disaster.

Her obsession with propagating the awful Lungi dance as a part of a  junk-food version of “Indian culture” with her firangi co-star smacks of  a touristic tendency to package desi tropes  in the skimpy cellophane  of Honey Singh’s woefully kitschy tune.

But why the Lungi dance everywhere? This is a question only Deepika and her very efficient team of managers and promoters could answer. Doesn’t Deepika have far more praiseworthy and durable celluloid dances to take to the West, for example Ang laga le re in Ram Leela or Mohe rang de laal in Bajirao  Mastani.

Priyanka Chopra  on the other hand, killed it on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. She fobbed off his repeated queries about knowing  beforehand about winning the People’s Choice awards,  introduced her mom to the show(the lady had caught a flight when she read about her daughter’s injury on the sets of Quantico). Priyanka stoutly and ‘womanfully’  defended the Bollywood song-and-dance formula and even got up from her seat to do a jig to show how much dancing and singing mattered in India.

After seeing her swing fluently from one query to another with Jimmy Kimmel a very reputed filmmaker with an eye for feminine grace said, “Priyanka is a natural on the global platform.She is smart sexy and sassy. Deepika on the other hand is naturally demure . She has the grace of Waheeda Rehman and the indigenous charm of Vyjanthimala. Priyanka is more Mumtaz and Zeenat Aman.  More the Vin Diesel/Dwayne Johnson heroine.”


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