Priyanka Chopra Shows How To Be Friend’s With Boyfriend’s Ex-es

Just the  other day we  saw Priyanka  Chopra   getting along with Kareena  Kapoor  like  a  house on fire on  Koffee With  Karan. Priyanka and Kareena have a history. They both dated Shahid Kapoor at different points of time.This didn’t stop them  from connecting  with  each other  on  neutral  ground, even talking  about the ‘S’ factor coming between them.

 Now  Priyanka  is  busy palling  up  with  singer-actress  Miley Cyrus. The two  have been exchanging  affectionate  messages .There  is clearly a  lot of mutual respect between them, although Miley once dated  Priyanka’s husband Nick Jonas.

Miley  is  now married to Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth who plays  the lead  in  the current Priyanka starrer Isn’t  It Romantic?

According to sources,  Priyanka  whooped it up with both Chris and his wife Miley, Clearly there  is  no illwill  in Priyanka’s heart for her  man’s ex-girlfriends. We  would like to see Nick Jonas  accord  the same respect  to  Priyanka’s ex-boyfriends.”

Imagine the awkward silences that would ensue were Nick Jonas were to meet ShahidKapoor or Harman Baweja.

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