Priyanka Chopra-Sophie Turner, Friends First Sisters-in-law Later

 Priyanka Chopra has grown very  close  to her sister-in-law Sophie Turner. When  Nick Jonas  and his brother  Joe Jonas married within  months of one another,  there were family concerns on how difficult it would be  for two women from utterly  disparate cultural backgrounds  married to two bothers  from a celebrated showbiz family in America, to get  along with one another.

 “And sure enough,  it took time  for the  Indian and  English Bahus of  the  Jonas family  to warm  up to one another. But once they got to know one  another  there  was  no stopping their closeness. Priyanka and Sophie are  more like sisters than sisters-in-law. They  have the most  fun together and they are  both very very secure in their own space,” says a source  close  to Priyanka Chopra.

In fact the two sisterly sisters-in-law are to soon  pay a visit  to India together for a  fun time. At this point one  doesn’t know what  Priyanka has in mind regarding Sophie’s  visit.But it would be  something that the Jonas Bahuswon’t let  the world  forget for a  long time.

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