Priyanka Chopra Tells  Ellen Degeneres That Indians Drink A  Lot


Our desi girl’s conversation this week with topnotch American talk-show hostess Ellen Degeneres’ show  started on a  high note, literally.With Priyanka being offered a shot of the Tequila because, as the hostess rationalized, Priyanka  had a shot of the same heady drink on the red carpet some time  ago at an awards event.

Some logic that.

“Americans drink a lot,” quipped Ellen.

“Indians drink a lot too,” quipped Priyanka back chattily trying to be fashionable on a par with her American hostess, perhaps the Tequila had already gone to her head by then. Because her statement about India and Indians’ drinking habits sounded woozy to me. Not quite what Mr Modi would want Indian representatives to say on  a global platform.

Priyanka  did more to suck up to her hostess by telling her that The Ellen Show is watched avidly in India(not true).Then she pulled the stunt from Kapil Sharma’s show  by telling Ellen that she made it to Miss World and now, incredibly(giggle giggle)  she was on Ellen’s show.

Kapil , for those who came in late, likes to remind his star guests that coming to his show means the star guest had ARRIVED.

Priyanka seems to have arrived too.She is being seen on one popular American talk show after another.And on each she sports  a different dress and a different accent to go with her clothes.

Way to go, Versatile Chopra.

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