Priyanka Chopra: What Exactly Is She Up To?


Is Priyanka Chopra getting engaged on Saturday? No one from her film fraternity in Mumbai seems to have been invited.

A colleague and close to the actress say she has no idea of the big event. “I am only reading about it. I haven’t been invited. I don’t think anybody has. I heard Nick Jonas has landed in Mumbai with his family.”

But Ms.Chopra is tight-lipped.

After being seen with Mr. Jonas everywhere from America to India to Spain, Priyanka Chopra says her relationship – status is her own business.

Fair enough. But her career, fortunately, or unfortunately, is everyone’s business, specially those who invest in her films. Salman Khan, for example, is a producer on Bharat, and he has every right to be pissed off with Priyanka after she slipped out of her commitment using the excuse of a marriage.

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Of course, there is no marriage at the moment. Then, why would she do this to Salman, or any other producer or actor desirous of working with her?

Strangely Priyanka and Salman were in Delhi together last week, giving different versions of the same story about her controversial exit from Bharat. Salman poured sheathed spleen on Priyanka’s unprofessional behaviour.

But Priyanka remained undaunted. She announced to the Delhi press that she would only do leading lady roles, nothing less.

So was she implying that she opted out of Bharat because it was not a lead role? Priyanka also said she will only do lead roles in Bollywood. However, her most recent Hollywood release A Kid Like Jake featured her in a strictly supporting role while the lead and second-lead were played by Claire Danes and Octavia Spence. Priyanka was actually the third-lead in this film.

So is Priyanka confused about her career? Is she going through a churning where her professional and personal interests on one hand, and her cultural otherness as compared with Hollywood biggies on the other hand. Are her priorities on a collision course?

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Priyanka needs to sort out her professional priorities. With her career-defining television series Quantico in America closing down there is little to hold her in Hollywood. In that case, is it advisable for her to burn her bridges in Bollywood?

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