Priyanka Chopra Woos Salman With Wedding  Invite

After  snubbing Salman Khan ,  Priyanka Chopra seems hellbent on mending bridges. But it looks like it won’t be this easy this time.

Apparently Salman and   his  family were  among the  first to receive  a wedding invitation  from Priyanka and  her husband-to-be Nick Jonas. But it’s  unlikely that Salman  will attend  the wedding

Says a buddy of  the  actor, “Salman is really pissed  off with her. Why did she pursue him and his family to get the role inBharat only to back out at the last minute? Now she’s  back trying to get into Bhai’s good books.  Last week she attended Bhai’s brother-in-law Ayush’s birthday party with her  mother,and made sure to remind the Khan family to be at her wedding.”

However  ‘Bhai’  is not biting the bait. According to informed sources he won’t be attending  the big wedding in  December in Jodhpur though Salman’s sisters are likely to attend.

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