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Priyanka Chopra’s Hottest Love-Making Scenes

The Quantico tumble-in-the-hay is not the first occasion when Priyanka Chopra has pulled out all stops in a love scene .

In the past this feline femme fatale has re-defined the carnal space in Bollywood by extending the parameters of intimacy without losing the balance between aesthetics and selfexpression. Here’s a sampling of Priyanka’s best hottest love scenes.

  1. Aetraaz: In her second feature film Priyanka smouldered on screen with Akshay Kumaras the very sexy voice of Sundhi Chauhan sang I Want To Make Love To You.  Couldn’t get more direct than that. Priyanka dropped clothes, inhibitions and the heroine’s coyness as she clawed and pawed Akshay. This was the wildest love-making sequence seen in commercial Hindi cinema. It ended with Akshay suddenly saying, “Thanks, but no thanks,”. He remembered just in time he had a wife at home.Oh well,from coy to  coitusinterruptus ….at least Priyanka brought desi love-making to this point dragging and kicking.
  2. Fashion:  Now, here’s the thing. Priyanka was the hero of this Madhur Bhandarkarconcoction about the rise and fall of a super-model. So Arjun Bajwa was roped in to play Priyanka’s toy boy. To this day Bajwa is  recognized as the guy who made love to PeeCeein Fashion. The intimacy quotient was so high in the sequence that the censor board had a hard time keeping it down. Their cutting edge, I mean.
  3. Anjaana Anjaani:  Contrary to the excessively cute asexual relation she shared withRanbir in the plagiarized Barfi, in the very original dud Anjaana Anjaani Priyanka shared a sizzling-hot love scene with  the Kapoor boy in a motel room. Now,Ranbir may be a Casanova in real life. On screen he is acutely inhibited about doing love scenes(though not nudity per se, go figure). Ranbir confessed to me that his highly accommodating co-star did all she could to put him at ease and that if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have been able to do it. What would we do without helpful co-stars?
  4. Saat Khoon Maaf: So far Irrfan Khan’s most torrid love scenes were with his favourite co-star Tabu. Check out his frenzied Shakespearean coupling in Maqbool and then hermoanibg hitched-saree intercourse with Irrfan in The Namesake….they are scorching hot. But nothing compared with the sado-maochism Irrfan showered on Priyanka  in their lengthy love-making scene in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf. Incredibly, the two are fully clothed as they pummel, jostle, push, shove, slap and rough up one another . An incredibly stark love making scene.Actually this was not making love but hate.
  5. Quantico:  Frankly, the ‘leaked’ footage of Priyanka and her co-star Jake McLaughlin’s  intimacy clause is not so worthy of applause. While Priyanka looks lethally luscious  in the love-making act, her co-star is distinctly awkward as he tried to simulate proximity without letting his hand brush against anything….ummm….vital. Watching McLaughlin trying to look orgasmic without  touching erogenous body parts I recalled what Saif Ali Khan once told me about love-making scenes. ‘You’ve to be careful about where your hand is.’ Touche.

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