Priyanka Flies To Jodhpur With Jonas


On  Tuesday afternoon, Priyanka  Chopra and  her beau Nick Jonas landed in Jodhpur as  fans jostled  to get glimpse  of  the  golden couple.

Sources  close to  the Chopras reveal that the couple is  in the golden city as a part of the recce to their wedding.

“They haven’t  decided  to marry in  Jodhpur, so  please don’t jump the  gun. Yes, Jodhpur could be  a venue.So manyBollywood and Hollywood personalities have  had their wedding there.  The  couple is  in the beautiful Rajasthani town  to see  if it is a  suitable  venue,” says the source.

Apparently Lake Como in Italy  where the Ambanis’ daughter Isha got engaged last week, is also being considered.

“But Priyanka prefers an Indian venue. Marrying abroad instantly  brings criticism  from her countrymen,” says  the source.

The  couple  isn’t in the mood for a small  wedding.

A  director with whom Priyanka has worked closely reveals, “She always said she wants a BEEEG wedding whenever it happens, where everyone she  knows will  be invited.So unless she has changed her mind because of Nick,  she will have a lavish wedding with  hundreds of guests.”


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