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Priyanka, Mom Caught Smoking!



At a time when governments  and  nations across the world are  going  bananas convincing  smokers  to quit or face cancer,  prime social influencer Priyanka  Chopra  and her  mother  were  caught smoking in a picture, apparently clicked in Miami.While the  mom  is seen  enjoying a  cigar, daughter Priyanka ,who is a selfconfessed asthmatic, is seen  swigging on  a cigarette.

Priyanka’s husband Nick Jonas who is cigar smoker, is  also  seen smoking in the  picture.

Understandably there is worldwide outrage at this incriminating  photograph.

An  actress colleague of Priyanka who  wishes to go unnamed says there’s no harm in  smoking as long as  you don’t  get caught. “I am okay with Priyanka and her mother smoking. It’s their problem, not  mine. But once this visual (of mother and daughter smoking) goes  viral  it becomes everybody’s problem,”

There was a move afoot some years ago to ban on all bollywood A-listers  from smoking on and  off screen, as  this was seen to be  an adverse influence on society. Big stars  like Tanuja, Dimple  Kapadia,  Ranbir Kapoor  are chain smokers who ensure they are never seen  smoking in  public.

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