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Priyanka represents the modern Indian woman: Pooja Bedi



Earlier This Week Priyanka Chopra Met Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi In Berlin. Trolls Think Priyanka Chopra, In  A Lovely White Dress, Was Improperly Dressed To Meet Our Prime Minister In Berlin. Priyanka’s Colleagues Disagree

Dia Mirza: “I’m glad Priyanka Chopra chose to be herself and not play a part scripted by misogyny. Trolls are only a mirror to the patriarchal mindset that imposes which a woman should or should not wear to qualify her dignity. We seem to care more for posturing than we do for truth.”

Pooja Bedi: “ Priyanka represents  the  modern indian woman. It was a beautiful dress.  What is inappropriate are trolls  making something  so normal into something abnormal.”

Richa Chadha: “I didn’t know there was a dress code to meet our public servant at the highest post. She wasn’t visiting a gurudwara or temple,that needed some compulsory head cover. Just goes to show that trolls are sexist,and no matter what a woman’s achievement,they want to discuss what she was wearing. Or that we are so deprived that all we see is legs. I am certain our PM who believes in Beti Bachao Beti Padhao will condemn these trolls.”

Kabir Bedi:  “Priyanka Chopra did nothing wrong by wearing a dress when she met Prime Minister Modi. To objectors I say: Wake up, sleeping beauties, it’s the 21st century!”

Khushboo: “Definitely not.There is no written rule that one has to be attired in a particular costume to meet anyone.She is entitled to wear what she wants.It’s her words and her behaviour which will decide the respect towards the PM.”

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