Priyanka Chopra’s Patna Pilgrimage Turns Nasty!

Bouncers Misbehave With Media, Media Boycotts Event

First question first. Why is Priyanka Chopra producing a Bhojpuri film at a time when the Bhojpuri film industry has  touched the rock-bottom of creativity and is on the verge of collapse in Bihar and UP?

Priyanka Chopra flew into Patna on Thursday to promote her her first production, a Bhojpuri film Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi. But her flash-visit turned out to be a bit of a disaster, what with her overzealous security staff getting too aggressive with the local media.

Says a first-hand witness at the press conferece, “This was Priyanka Chopra first visit to Patna and the Patna media was most excited. They were called to the P & M Mall which is owned by Priyanka’s director PrakashJha for an interaction.”

Apparently the bandobast “sucked”

Says the eyewitness, “At the press conference held on the fourth floor of the mall, Priyanka’s bouncers began to push and jostle the mediapersons.When they were asked to back off they get even more aggressive. Not willing to take the rude physical abuse the media persons boycotted the press conference , after which Priyanka beat a hasty retreat.”

This is not the first instance of  actresses’ bouncers acting overzealous in their efforts to justify their paycheck. Recently Katrina Kaif’s  and Jacqueline Fernandez’ bouncers also overstepped the line with the press.

Sadly Priyanka Chopra’s visit to Patna was much anticipated. She has many relatives and friends from the maternal side of her family living in Patna. Incidentally Priyanka’s Don co-star Shah Rukh Khan’s visit to the same mall  in Patna some years ago had also ended abruptly with the local media staging  a walkout after the superstar’s team getting unnecessarily aggressive.

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