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Producer Debunks Stories Of Prabhas’ 70-Crore Fee




Has Prabhas  charged Rs  70 crores from producer  Priyanka Dutta of Vyjanthi Films for his next assignment? Sources  in the know  say  the figure is highly inflated.

 “Prabhas  has asked for what he  deserves and  the  production house has  happily given him the amount. It is  nowhere close to  70 crores,” says  the source.

 However when pressed  to further reveal  the  exact remuneration, the source begs off saying, “I can tell you this  much.It is  more than what Prabhas has got for  any of his earlier  films.”

 In fact Prabhas did S S  Rajamouli’s Baahubali, no doubt a turning  point  in his career, for a pittance. That has obviously changed.

“But  70 crores?  Who puts  out these  ridiculous  figures?” wonders  a source clued into the economics  of Prabhas’s new project.

Producer Priyanka Dutta refutes all speculation  about  Prabhas’ remuneration saying, “We haven’t locked  in on any remuneration as yet. It will take  a month’s time to settle the  fee.”

 Prabhas  suffered a bit of a boxoffice  blow with  the multi-lingual  action thriller Saaho. The actor has now  moved on to his next  .Entitled Jaan  , it  would be an out-and-out romantic  film with Pooja Hegde as his Significant  Other.

Sources  in the  know  reveal Jaan ,to be directed by  Radha Krishna Kumar, would feature  minimal action.

“Prabhas feels his  fans have had their fill  of action in Saaho, at least for  a while. Jaan will  be  a romantic film with a large  number songs  to be composed  by Amit Trivedi.”

More  significantly there will be no  Hindi version  of Jaan.

According to sources Prabhas is done with trying to woo the Hindi belt for now.

“He  will focus on his primary market  for  the next couple  of films. The Hindi  market can wait. Prabhas won’t  lose his core audience  for  a pie in the sky,” says  the source.

The Hindi version of Saaho lost   a huge amount  of money, thereby providing  a  lesson to all actors  from the  non-Hindi  language making a crossover into the mainstream.

Baahubali  was  an isolated instance.

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