Producer Jasjeet Singh Not Sure How Black Prince Will Be Received By Non-Sikhs


Jasjeet Singh who has co-produced the much talked-about historical Indie film The Black Prince about Maharaja Duleep Singh, known as  the last King Of Punjab  and his stormy relationship with Queen Victoria and his biological mother Rani Jindan , is looking at a wide global release for his historical film  .

“We’re releasing  The  Black Prince on July 21 in the optimum number of theatres across the world. In India we’re sure every Sikh knows the story of  Duleep Singh, and would love to watch what we’ve done with the story. It’s the non-Sikh audience that I am somewhat worried about.  Would they take to the story as wholeheartedly as the Sikh community?”

While the UK-based filmmaker Kavi Raz directs this fascinating cross-cultural  saga  set in Colonial India,the very popular musician Satinder Sartaj plays Duleep Singh.

Jasjeet Singh says there is a very good reason why the musician with no acting experience was chosen. “He resembled the original DuleepSingh and he had the personality to carry it off. We just needed to be  sure  he could act.Also, his accent had to be worked on. We got him a voice trainer and Shabana Azmi who plays  his mother really helped with the details.”

Jasjeet Singh can’t get over the contribution of Shabana Azmi to the film. “She is virtually the backbone of our film. A legend in her lifetime, and yet so hands-on on the sets.Even after so many years  of  an iconic career she is still so passionate  and enthusiastic. I’d go as far as to say this film wouldn’t have been possible with Shabanaji. Her performance as Duleep Singh’s fiery mother is a highlight in The Black Prince.”

Kavi Raz’s  The Black Prince which  features the Punjabi singerSatinder Sartaj as Punjab’s Maharaja Duleep Singh who shared a very unique relationship with Queen Victoria is expected to broaden the spectrum  films on the relations between Indians and their British colonists.The recent Gurinder Chadha film The Viceroy’s House was lukewarmly received by international critics.

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