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Producers Stand By Soumik Sen Despite Allegation



The producers of the under production film Cheat India have decided to stand by their  director Soumik Sen  in spite of  an anonymous allegation of sexual misconduct.

 This is  in  direct  contrast to other producers and production houses who have swiftly sacked any artiste  or technician who has been named (and shamed)  for sexual misconduct.

On the contrary, the producers  of  Cheat India stand by the  director until proven guilty.

 Many  prominent  artistes and  directors see this as a healthy and positive attitude to  the  raging issue.

Says a leading filmmaker, “People are losing their reputation and jobs on the basis of mere allegations. Look at Ashish Patel.Yash Raj sacked  him  on mere heresay. Bhushan Kapoor decided to send Subhash Kapoor packing after Aamir Khan  opted out of Mogul.The case against Kapoor  has been going on for two years.  You mean to tell me Bhushan and Aamir didn’t know about it? And really, the  pot should stop calling the kettle black.”

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