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Protegee Embarrasses Karan Johar By Extolling Kangana

Newcomer Tara Sutaria has triggered off a fresh chain of anxiety regarding the ongoing Ranaut Versus Johar skirmish.

Kangana and her sister Rangoli have been taking continuous potshots at Karan Johar and everyone connected with the him, specially Alia Bhatt. It goes without saying that Karan’s complete clan of friends and associates have stood by him quietly while the sisters have carried on their one-sided tirade.

Tara Sutaria’s loud proclamation of her love for all things Ranaut couldn’t have been more ill-timed.

“Ek toh Tara is being introduced by Karan(in Student Of The Year 2).And then she knows what Kangana and her sister have been doing to provoke Karan. Given the circumstances it seems very odd that Tara has taken this moment to praise Kangana,” says a friend of Karan who goes on to add that Karan is “fairly annoyed” by his protegee’s open love for a “hostile force”.

“Considering that Tara the ‘outsider’ has been treated as well as her co-star the ‘insider’(star kid) Ananya Pandey it seems strange that Tara should feel such a strong sense of bonding with the eternally persecuted outsider. But you won’t hear Karan Johar complaining about Tara’s insensitivity. He doesn’t want to give this(Tara’s open declaration of admiration for Kangana)any importance,” says Karan’s close friend.

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