Punish Akshay Kumar’s Film Because Twinkle Offended A Godman???!!!



 Why are we Indians so thin-skinned? Why are we so hostile to any  idea of  dissent specially when it comes to religious figureheads? Matters have come to such  a paranoiac state that when a self-styled godman makes an god-awful film to promote himself, critics choose to look the other way rather than get into trouble by calling trash , trash.

Twinkle Khanna, the outspoken half of the Akshay-Twinkle duo, dared to  speak out against an utterly irresponsible utterance of a spiritual guru. And now  they want to punish Akshay Kumar  for Twinkle’s supposed faux pas by boycotting his next release Housefull 3.

I think I am lost here.Mr Khanna pays for what Mrs Khanna did?  How does that help? Like many of the things that are happening around us(e.g a boy losing his life because he overtook an MLA’s son’s car) this too makes no sense .

Firstly Twinkle did no wrong. She expressed her opinion, albeit a little facetiously .Secondly, even if she did cross the limit of decorum did she ask her husband’s permission before doing so?

Housefull 3 is not Akshay Kumar’s film alone.Scores of actors and technicians have contributed to it. Rs 75 crores have gone into its making.You don’t stop the flow of a  dam to cut off someone’s water supply.

Stop punishing people for speaking their minds.  And please stop trying to punish the movie business to settle personal scores. You didn’t like what Twinkle commented? Boycott her columns. Or better still, never watch Mela again on television.3

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