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Punjabi-Hindi Film On A Village Of Olympian Hockey Players



Shaad Ali has much to be concerned  about. While he is diligently and unconditionally focusing on his hockey bio-pic on  Sandeep Singh, not too far away from where Shaad is shooting in Punjab, another  filmmaker Rohit Jugraj is busy putting  finishing touches to yet another  film based  on the game of hockey,this one far bigger in  canvas.

Entitled Khido Khundi Jugaraj’s bi-lingual Hindi-Punjabi  film will take us to the village in Punjab which has given India  as many as 14 Olympian medalists.

Jugaraj who has helmed 3 superhit  Punjabi films Jatt James Bond, Sardaji and its sequelSadarji 2 (with Diljit Dosanjh in the title role) says this  ambitious film will shed light on a village that has done India proud . “Do you know there is a small village in PUNJAB … Which has given 14 OLYMPIANS to our nation. Many OLYMPIC GOLDS , SILVER , BRONZE MEDALS came from that one village for Indian hockey. Of course the heroes areforgotton now ( like all good things ) . The village is called Sansarpur. The legend is calledKHIDO KHUNDI . Khido means a ball made of torn clothes . Khundi means a curved stick . That’s how hockey was born .Ours is a STORY OF TWO BROTHERS who come back to that village and Revive a TEAM . AND Win.”

Suddenly hockey seems  to be  a much-favoured  sport  in  our films, what with  Reema Kagti’s Akshay Kumar starrer  GoldShaad Ali’s Diljit Dosanjh starrer Soorma and nowRohit Jugaraj’s Khido Khundi  coming one after another.

Says Rohit, “There are many hockey films being made right now in our country , we are the first one to releas.AND the most DEFINITIVE ONE because ours is not about a single person or a single event .Our film is about the fierce bravado, the HEROISM UNDERLINING  OUR NATIONAL GAME . The sheer passion that has gone into makingKhido Kundi  is phenomenal It makes me salute every member of my team and above ALL every HOCKEY PLAYER who has ever played for our country . And believe me there are MANY.Many of them sadly unsung and  forgotten. My film makes an effort to resurrect some of  these prides of  the nation.”

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