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Radhika Apte More Visible In Her International Film Than Ali Fazal



  Two of our more talented  actors  Radhika Apte and Ali Fazal will be seen in prestigious  international films at just about the same time.

Whil Ali Fazal in the trailer of  Death  On  The Nile is visible for just one shot amidst  a gallery  of  outstanding  co-stars, Radhika Apte  is all over the trailer  of  A Call To Spy, and  understandably so.  Ms Apte plays one  of the three protagonists  in this  chick flick with a  difference.

 Apte  along with two very  distinguished  actresses  Sarah Megan  Thomas and  Stana Katic, plays a  part of Winston Chutchill’s  secret service to spy on Hitler during World War 2. In the tense espionage thriller  Ms Apte plays Noor  Inayat Khan a true-life spy who like Alia Bhatt’s Sehmat  in Raazi  is willing to risk her life for her country. In this  case the  country is Great Britain.

The trailer is heartening  for the space it provides  to  an Indian actress.Also, I am relieved to hear speaking in her natural  voice and not in that sing-song tone assumed  by all  Indian actors working abroad. Ms Apte  holds  her ground well with her  distinguished co-stars who include the British actor Linus Roache (wasn’t he wonderful as  Robert Kennedy  in  RFK?) , and  the   Canadian Stana  Katic.

Sara Megan Thomas who plays the  third protagonist also produces the  film. The  director  of  the  film is also  a woman.To have all these talented women get together  for a spy thriller sounds like fun.Just how much so, we shall know in September

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