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Rahul Bhatt Finally Gets A  US Visa Thanks To Aamir

Rahul Bhatt whose life and travel plans were under a cloud after he unknowingly befriended the alleged 9/11 terror mastermind David Headley, is a much relieved  man. He has finally been able to get a US visa, thanks to Aamir Khan’s intervention.

Rahul Bhatt was Aamir’s personal trainer for a year during the shooting of Dangal.

Explains Rahul, “We had planned to undertake  a part  of the physical training in the US. But I was unable to get a US visa. It was thanks to Aamir Khan that the suspicion and distrust on American soil due to my name being associated with Headley was finally overlooked. I succeeded  in  getting an American  visa.”

It is another matter that Aamir and Rahul could not head to the US for training as per plans.

“But now I  finally have permission to enter America. I owe Mr Aamir Khan a favour,”saysRahul who has further reason to be happy, as his stepsister Alia Bhatt is doing exceptionally well in her career.

“I am really happy for her.She is insanely talented and deserves every bit of her stardom. I can’t claim to be close to her. Nor can I hug her in public to show my closeness. But yes , she is part of the extended family, and she is doing the Bhatt name proud.”


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