Rahul Bhatt Is Training Arjun Kapoor

 One  of the reasons  Arjun Kapoor lost the  coveted role in  the Hindi remake  of the Telugu  blockbuster Arjun Reddy was his beefed-up look.

Arjun  is  now  changing his body type for his role of  a soldier in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Panipat.

The actor, known to work hard on  his  roles  is going all  out to shed his natural bulk to appear lean thin and sinewy. To attain this miraculous makeover Arjun has  hired the services of Bollywood’s  popular  physical trainer and  gym instructor  Rahul Bhatt.

 Mahesh Bhatt’s only son Rahul was last busy training Aamir Khan for Dangal.

About getting  Arjun Kapoor  into a new shape Rahul says, “Arjun and I share a similar back story.We were  both chubby children who were determined to shed the extra  kilos as we  headed towards adulthood. We  both succeeded in losing  the fat. Now whenArjun wants  yet another physical transformation I feel  I  have a part to play in his plans.”

 Setting aside his own schedule, Rahul now  accompanies  Arjun Kapoor wherever  required.

“I  train him according to his  schedule. We are soon heading to London together  because that’s where  Arjun will be shooting forVipul Shah’s  film Namaste England. I see this as  a challenge because Arjun’s schedules  for Panipat require  him to get into a particular shape. He can’t shoot until he acquires  the  required physique. No matter how, we’ve to get there.”

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